A Developing Toothache Needs Professional Diagnosis

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Your teeth are made up of multiple layers. The outer layer of tooth enamel helps to protect the sensitive dentin and pulp within the tooth. Sometimes dental trauma or an untreated cavity can distress the tooth enamel to affect the internal structures of the tooth. When this happens you will likely experience severe tooth sensitivity or a worsening toothache.

If you have a badly distressed tooth, it’s best to have it examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. Richard Dycus. After examining the tooth to assess the cause and severity of the toothache he will explain your treatment options.

In many of these cases the patient needs our dentist to perform a root canal. Also known as endodontic therapy the treatment plan is designed to remove whatever remains of the tooth’s original enamel layer as well as all distressed dental structures from the core of the tooth.

Once this is done he will use special endodontic materials to prepare an abutment. The small post structure will eventually anchor a dental crown which will fully replace the original tooth enamel layer.

If necessary, our dentist will provide you with prescription medications to address any infection concerns, while allowing the treated tooth to heal comfortably.

If you live in the Cookeville, Tennessee, area and you are suffering from toothache pain you should call 931-528-7977 to seek treatment from Dr. Richard Dycus as soon as possible.