Are You Experiencing an Oral Lesion That Isn’t Going Away?

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Do you have a sore in the mouth that has lasted for more than 10 days? If so, you may need to see your dentist to determine what is going on. Normally, oral lesions can invade your smile for various reasons, and often resolve themselves in a week or two.

Infection–whether viral, fungal, or bacterial–are the reason for your sore. Other causes include irritation from ill-fitting dentures, loose orthodontic wires, and even broken fillings or teeth.Today we’d like to take a closer look at some of the most common reasons you might find yourself with sores in the mouth.

1- A tooth which is abscessed from severe decay can cause bacterial sores in the mouth. This sore arises from infected tooth nerves, leaving you with hot and cold tooth sensitivity, a painful toothache, and swollen lymph nodes.

2- Mouth sores can crop up on your lips, tongue, gumline, inner cheeks, and throat as white or yellow lesions bordered by a red circle. This is a canker sore, and they are non-contagious.

3- White spots in the mouth or on the tongue, accompanied by a sore throat and problems swallowing indicate candidiasis or thrush.

4- Red blisters dotting the lips, the underside of your nose or chin are likely cold sores. These are actually highly contagious.

If you need help relieving mouth sores that last longer than 10 days, we invite you to have our dentist take a look. Our Dycus Dental team in Cookeville, Tennessee will gladly book an appointment for you with Dr. Richard Dycus. Just reach out today by calling 931-528-7977 and get the care you deserve!