Making Veneers Last

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Have you recently gotten veneers, or are you simply satisfying your curiosity about them? We can provide some tips that can help you make them last. In truth, these tips are hardly different from regular oral health guidelines.

One general concern is staining. Porcelain veneers are very resilient to stains, but composite resin veneers are less so, though they are more resistant than your natural enamel.

To keep things clean, follow daily routines for oral care. Normal dentist-recommended brushing and flossing are still important. Also the dentist or hygienist can help keep the veneers clean during your regular appointments, as they would with your normal teeth.

Be aware that foods that have color saturation—such as coffee, red wine, berries, pasta sauce, and others—can cause staining, but often after prolonged exposure. Brushing immediately after partaking of these foods can help avert this. Our dentist can give you more information as well.

Unfortunately, normal at-home methods for teeth whitening do not work on composite resin veneers. If you have composites you would like to whiten, talk with the dentist, as he can help you there.

Other concerns are chipping or breaking. Veneers can be replaced, but why not make them last? The following are important tips for avoiding breakage of the veneers, but they can keep your natural teeth protected too.

It is especially important to wear mouthguards when playing sports that can get rough. It is best not to use your teeth for manual tasks either, such as opening bags. Avoid chewing ice or other hard foods. Also, avoid grinding your teeth, as this can damage the veneers. If you grind your teeth when you sleep, referred to as bruxism, wearing a mouthguard can help.

All of these tips can help make your veneers last longer. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Dycus Dental in Cookeville, Tennessee. Our dentist, Dr. Richard Dycus, is ready to assist you. Our number is 931-528-7977, so give us a call today!