Talking About Tongue Piercing

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A tongue piercing can have a negative impact on your oral health. So, if you are thinking about piercing your tongue or other part of your mouth, you should consider the risks you are taking.

One risk is infection. If you are considering having your tongue pierced, you should make certain that it is done by a professional who follows the proper sterilization and infection control measures. Even if the proper precautions are taken when you have your tongue pierced, the mouth is full of bacteria. Oral piercings have been linked to hepatitis and a swelling of the heart valve tissues, a condition known as endocarditis.

Dental damage from piercings is common. A tongue stud or barbell can repeatedly strike your teeth. That can result in a gap in your front teeth, or chips and cracks in your teeth. Bacteria only needs a very small opening to reach the interior of your tooth, and the resulting infection can result in a root canal or an extraction,

Other problems associated with oral piercings include

-Impediments to your speech
-Decreased ability to chew and swallow
-The risk of blood loss during the piercing procedure
-Damage to the gum tissues
-Inflammation of the tongue which can compromise your airway
-Excess saliva

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