What Affect Is Tobacco Having on Your Oral Health?

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Longtime tobacco users have already seen the harmful effects that result, and not just on the lungs and body. Chronic tobacco use has serious effects on one’s oral health. Tobacco use reduces vital blood flow to the gums as well as your vitamin C absorption.

The problem with this is that oral tissue needs vitamin C to remain in good health. But that’s not all. Smoking raises one’s oral temperature which kills vital cells. The additional harm comes to your smile when smoking tobacco in the following ways:

-Oral cancer and oral lesions.

-Periodontal disease.

-Staining one’s teeth and tongue.

-Receding gums.

-Slower healing after having oral surgery or periodontal therapy.

Smoking tobacco isn’t the only way it impacts your oral health, either. Chewing or dipping tobacco sets the stage for gum disease, stains teeth, halitosis, enamel erosion, loss of jaw bone, keratosis of oral mucosa, and decay of exposed tooth roots and tooth loss. Once this occurs, you may find it difficult to bite, chew, or speak normally.

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